A New Way to Have "The Talk"
Are You Asking These Questions?
  • Does my child already know about sex? 
  • When do I talk to my kids about sex? Is it only one talk or multiple?
  • How do I articulate God's design for sex? 
  • ​ What role does culture play in defining my child's view of sexuality? 
Keep all of the expert Gospel-Centered Sexuality interviews AND get 30 days of amazing content to help YOU have this conversation with your student
In 30 days you will... 
as a family,
with your spouse,
with your child's heart.
in knowledge,
in confidence,
in your own faith journey.
the birds & bees and
why God's design for sex
is perfect and beautiful.
What is 30 Days to Redefining the Sex Talk?
One Conversation. Every Day. For an Entire Month: There will be a lot of information, practical application, and encouragement along this difficult journey. 
  • 10+ Themes: You will walk through many different topics and themes within Sexuality. Basically, everything you need to be aware of surrounding this conversation and Gen Z.
  • ​ Effective: No matter the ages... This is a vital conversation to have with your child. If you aren't the one having it with them we can almost guarantee someone else is. 
  • ​ Weekly Family Experiences: Each week there will be a theme with an action item for your family over the weekend.
  • ​ A Community: Join our exclusive FB group for updates and be encouraged from others going through the journey.
  • Busy - Friendly Design: You are busy and overwhelmed. We designed these 30 days with YOU, a caring adult who desires to be knowledgable and confident about have "the talk." 
What Does It Included? 

You will be equipped and empowered to not just discuss sex and God’s design for marriage, but you will also feel confident to engage in discussions about sexting, lust, LGBT issues, masculinity, femininity, consent, pornography, abortion, contraception, modesty, and masturbation. 
  •  30 Complete Days of Content: Everyday you will receive 10 minutes of content via video, articles, podcast, etc.
  • Dive Deep into Hard Topics: Monday-Thursday of each week you will dive into some of the difficult topics. There will be opportunity to digest and ask questions. 
  • Take A Moment: Fridays will be simple actions and a "free day" to catch up missed content. 
  • ​ Family Connection: Saturdays are specifically designed for you to connect with your kids on a deeper level through discussions or an activity. 
  • Spiritual Growth: Sundays will be a devotional to encourage you and the hard work you are doing. It is worth it and a step of obedience! 
Connect, Grow and Communicate God's Perfect and Beautiful Design for Sex with Your Child
Keep all of the expert Gospel-Centered Sexuality interviews AND get 30 days of amazing content to help YOU have this conversation with your student
100% Money Back Guarantee
Why Does the Sex Talk Need to be Redefined? 
It's NOT just the birds and the bees anymore in today's world. It's NOT just about sex. The "Sex Talk" is a much bigger conversation that must be communicated in 100 1- minute conversations, not just ONE 100-minute conversation.

3 Reasons for Redefining the Sex Talk:
These are some of the best speakers within this topic and the goal of each interview to provide practical and specific advice and resources to implement in your everyday life as a parent. 
1. History of the Sex Talk
- Historically, "the talk" has been one negative conversation, with everything all at once. It’s usually very awkward, short, and never spoken about again. We want to end that.  

2. Sex in Today’s Culture
- In today’s culture porn website have started sex education classes, Planned Parenthood has built a chatbot named Roo to answer the next generations questions and it seems everything in media is being sexualized. 

3. The Application of the Sex Talk
- It is a much bigger conversation than it used to be. Questions like "How your daughter views her body and how your son communicates with women" need to be addressed. There are LGBT issues, the idolatry of romance, the misunderstanding of celibacy, the widespread of pornography at younger and younger ages... and all of this is just the beginning. 
What Topics Will Be Addressed?
- Sex Education. If we don’t teach our kids about contraception, they will probably be curious and learn about it from the internet.
- Church’s Censorship and Oversimplification. "Churches often avoid terms like “penis” or “sex drive” because sex is something “the world” talks about. To counteract the world, the church tiptoes around sex and paints it in scary terms to create barriers between lay people and potential promiscuity." 
- Theology of Sex. “When we tinker with God’s plan for sex, we are tinkering with the cosmic stream of human existence. The human race - its existence, its balance - is literally determined by who is having sex with whom, and, in what manner.”  - Theology of the Body for Beginners
- Sex-Positive Gospel. "The problem with porn is not that it shows too much of the person, but that it shows far too little.” - Pope John Paul II
- Self-Denial / Accountability. "When the flesh is satisfied it is hard to pray with cheerfulness or to devote oneself to a life of service which calls for much self-renunciation.” - Dietrich Bonhoeffer, The Cost of Discipleship
- Cultural Norms. All of the things that have become "normal" and how sexuality is being communicated to Gen Z.
- Imago Dei. We can admire and hold awe over the beautiful art work of God in the human body crafted in His image. In fact, that is the right response, not lust.
- Pornography. “Your kids will talk to you about things you talk to them about. Your kids won’t talk to you about things you don’t talk to them about.” - Founder of XXXChurch
- Homosexuality. Today Gen Z is encouraged to identify ourselves more so with our feelings and impulses than previous generations.
- Masculinity + Femininity. In an era where the popular definitions of masculinity and femininity are undergoing major shifts, grounding our masculinity and femininity in our biology feels like an anchor.
- Masturbation. "You shall not add to the word that I command you, nor take from it, that you may keep the commandments of the Lord your God that I command you.” - Deuteronomy 4:2
- Modesty. “Self-control” is a fruit of the Spirit inside us (Gal. 5:22-24), not the fruit of others’ "modesty.”

- And more... 
Frequently Asked Questions: 
Q: What will you cover over the 30 days?
A: The entire goal of the 30 days is to equip you with knowledge and confidence to TALK with your child. This will include many of the topics listed above with practical advice on how to connect and engage your child in these conversation.

Q: Can I do this with my teen?
A: Yes, this is made with your teenager in mind. You can do this yourself or bring them along. We believe it's important to bring them into the conversation.

Q: I know my child isn't having sex. Why do I need this?
A: We understand you might have younger kids. However the reality of it all is that you will need to start having these conversations at a young age. We desire for you to be the first voice communicating what sex is and what it is designed for.

Q: I am still not sure...
A: Go ahead and purchase 30 Days to Redefining the Sex Talk. If aren't satisfied after the first few days just shoot a message to support@axis.org for a complete refund!

Q: Can I ask 10 more questions?
A: Absolutely, email support@axis.org with any questions you have!
Connect, Grow and Communicate God's Perfect and Beautiful Design for Sex with Your Child
Keep all of the expert Gospel-Centered Sexuality interviews AND get 30 days of amazing content to help YOU have this conversation with your student
100% Money Back Guarantee
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